• Euro Metal Padova: Pressofusioni in alluminio, fonderia, finitura getti in alluminio e lavorazioni meccaniche su getti fonderia
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    Pressofusione Alluminio

  • Euro Metal

    Made in Italy dal 1984

  • Euro Metal

    8 isole automatizzate

Aluminium Die Casting



Planning focused investments over the years, Euro Metal, which was established in 1984, has reached a high technological and quality level through the whole casting process. Thanks to that the Company ensures high product quality, production flexibility, cost effectiveness and respect of specific enquiries of each costumers.



8 automatic production cells, which are equipped by thermoregulation of moulds, manufacture parts starting from few grams up to a maximum of 4 kg.

The alloys that are usually used are EN AB 46100 - EN AB 47100 - EN AB 44100 - EN AB 43400

The process management is constantly supervised and checked in every production cycle through dimensional control, X-ray examination and raw material control.

Euro Metal is also able to manufacture tumbled, sandblasted and taped finished parts; the Company cooperate with high qualified suppliers for mechanical machining (also complex ones), surface treatments and moulds construction.



The quality control is the key point for the entire manufacturing process.

The whole process is strictly controlled and documented: from incoming of raw material, to casting and to inhouse and outsource machining.
Furthermore, MES software synchronises production planning and production scheduling, optimizing the use of resources, with the aim of achieving production excellence.



Euro Metal is aware of the environmental responsibilities linked to its production and business activities.
The primary goal of our environmental policy is to improve continuously the production, in order to reduce every negative effects on the surrounding environment and to ensure maximum safety at work place.

In order to carry out its own business in full respect of the environment, the Company has made important investments such as a sophisticated water refrigerated unit to reduce waste and consumption of energy, a state of the art fume extraction system, an evaporator for splitting release agents with further water reuse.

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